Falko Starr – The Muralizer

For as long as I can remember, Falko has been synonymous with graffiti.
From tagging to muralizing – what follows is a short bio of self proclaimed muralizer.

After twenty-two years as a graffiti artist, Falko is widely regarded as an integral part of the foundation and development of South Africa’s graffiti scene.

After a short stint studying graphic design, Falko decided to instead perfect the art form that kept him occupied during his years at high school.
His work soon became a recognised feature around the Cape Flats, and eventually around the country.

Over the years, graffiti has created the opportunity for Falko to tour Sweden, Germany, France, Switzerland, Kenya and Greece.
Highlights include; participating in the 50th Anniversary of the United Nations, creating murals for the build-up to the Olympics 2004 in Greece,
and establishing a line of communication between artists in Kenya, England and South Africa through his “Lines of Attitude” project.

In South Africa, Falko is herald as a graffiti icon, not only for his style, but also for establishing graffiti as a credible visual art form, and for creating a platform for aspiring writers.
His initiative started the first graffiti competition in South Africa in 1996, a concept which has been popularised the world over in the last decade.
Falko was also a member of the crew selected to represent South Africa in the international graffiti competition ‘Write For Gold’ 2006.
To date, he has been commissioned for projects including, the backdrop for Nelson Mandela’s 79th Birthday, work for the Cape Town 46664 concert,
ad campaigns for major labels such as Adidas, Black Flys, MTV, Puma and Levi’s. He was chosen as the Mail & Guardian’s 100 young people in 2006 and was awarded Hype Magazine’s Graffiti Artist of the Year 2010.

Falko believes that graffiti is a dynamic social tool, and therefore dedicates a considerable amount of his time to community projects around South Africa.
He participated in Red Bull’s Street Style tour in 2007, has worked closely with the British Council of South Africa,
and government in facilitating workshops in disadvantaged communities, highlighting issues such as gender rights, racism,
environmental awareness, and creating awareness about art as a form sustainability.

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